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If you or a loved one suffers from temporary or chronic pain, you understand how frustrating the situation can be. Pain – especially back pain – can make it difficult to do everyday tasks and to work comfortably. At our pain clinic in Orange County, we strive to relieve your pain and create a pain management plan for you that doesn’t involve drastic measures like back surgery or heavy pain medications.

For your spinal pain, consider visiting our facility for a consultation. One of our physicians can talk with you about the pain you are experiencing to try and figure out if chiropractic care, disc decompression, or light and heat therapy could work for you.

At South County Spine Care Center, we like to avoid invasive procedures. These types of procedures consist of painful recoveries because of the large incisions that need to be made. This pain translates to longer recovery times that keep you out of work for longer periods of time. Sometimes, these invasive procedures don’t even work and can result in more pain or pain in new areas than before.

As an alternative, the non-invasive pain relief options at our pain clinic in Orange County can get you back to work in a shorter period of time and since there are no intense surgical procedures, there is minimal recovery time and soreness. For many of our pain management options, there is no recovery time at all because we use alternative methods.


What conditions do you treat?

At our pain clinic in Orange County, we help you manage pain stemming from a wide variety of conditions. Since so many nerves and muscles are connected to your spine, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of your back pain. Sometimes your back pain is from an obvious cause, like a sports injury, car accident, or fall. Other times your back pain may be related to disc degeneration or a herniated disc. Spinal pain can also be the result of an entirely different condition, like diabetic neuropathy or complex regional pain syndrome.

To figure out the source of your back pain, one of the physicians at South County Spine Care Center will talk with you about the way that your pain feels and how it affects you, along with your best memory of when it started and which activities aggravate it the most. We also have diagnostic methods that your physician may use in order to determine the cause of your pain. Once we have that information, we can begin to determine how to help you the best.