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Back Pain: The Most Common Causes

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Your spine is one of the most important areas of your body – you simply would not be able to move without it. Unfortunately, there are many things that could hurt or injure various components of your spine, including the discs, vertebrae, and nerves, all of which can lead to severe back pain. Back pain can be debilitating and put a half on even the simplest of daily tasks and activities.

Take a look at the four most common causes of back pain:

1. Improper lifting and bending

If you work at a job where you lift heavy or bulky objects regularly, then chances are you already know how to properly bend and lift. However, many individuals are not aware of these techniques and even those that are forget to put them in place outside of work. To properly lift, you have to keep your back straight and bend at the knees rather than your waist in order to keep stress off the spine. You should also never twist or turn while carrying something big and bulky. Instead of turning at the waist, turn with your feet and move your entire body.

2. Forgetting to stretch

Even if you’re not a professional athlete, you likely still use the weekend for leisure and may participate in golf or casual games of basketball or football. All of these activities require work from your body, especially your back. You have to stretch before participating in activities in order to prepare your back for the movements you will be making.

3. Herniated discs

After strenuous use or a sudden injury, it’s not uncommon to experience a herniated disc. Your discs sit between the spinal vertebrae, where they allow cushioning and prevent friction. When these discs are injured or ruptured, it causes wear and tear between the vertebrae. It can also cause the jelly-like contents of your discs to leak and put pressure on nearby nerves, all of which results in back pain.

4. Aging

As we grow older, our bodies began to gradually wear down. This wear and tear on the muscles, ligaments, and bones result in weaker bodies. You may experience osteoarthritis, which breaks down the cartilage in your spine and makes any type of movement painful. Aging can also result in degeneration of your discs over time.