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Managing Back Pain During Pregnancy

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Most pregnant women complain of back pain at some point during their pregnancy. Let’s look at the reasons for your back pain and a few key changes you can make to help.

Weight Gain

This may be the first time in your life that you have gained so much weight and so quickly. The growing baby and uterus are pressing against your spine, causing pain. As your weight gain increases, the simple fact of carrying around that much weight can cause stress to your back.

Hormonal Changes

Your body makes a hormone called relaxin while you are pregnant. Relaxin helps your joints loosen to prepare for the delivery of the baby. The loosening of these joints also causes more pressure on your spine, therefore causing more back pain.

Change in Posture

As you gain weight, your posture accommodates this weight gain. You may not even notice this happening. With extra weight out front, your body tries to balance things out by putting more pressure on your back.

Separation of Muscles

In some women, the rectal abdominis muscles separate during pregnancy. If this happens, you may notice worsening back pain.

Finding Relief

Chiropractic Care: Many women have found relief by seeking out a chiropractor. If your spine is misaligned, the chiropractor can get it back into place, relieving some of your pain.

Exercise: Many kinds of exercise are safe during pregnancy and can help strengthen the muscles you need for delivery. Walking and swimming are two great ways to ease your back pain. Ask your doctor for other stretches that are safe for you to do.

Heat and Cold Therapy: For a sudden onset of back pain, try applying heat or cold packs to your back. This may give some temporary relief. Alternate these methods every few days, and only put the pack on for about twenty minutes at a time.

Acupuncture: Some pregnant women have found that acupuncture can help relieve back pain.

If you are experiencing a lot of back pain with your pregnancy, try the above-mentioned methods to see if they help. Remember, before you start anything new or try something you have never done, consult with your doctor first.