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Physical therapy is a key approach to relieving back pain. It is one of many options that provides relief without invasive surgeries or recovery times, and can be helpful for patients experiencing many types of injuries and spinal problems.

How does physical therapy work?

In general, physical therapy helps patients to increase tolerance and manageability for completing everyday activities. This method of treatment assists with tissue healing and is a healing tool that helps you to overcome your pain through repeated exercises in a controlled and safe environment. Physical therapy places focus on your spine and the structures that surround it, including your muscles, joints, and ligaments. In addition to treating current problems, physical therapy is also used to help prevent future injuries or problems. This is achieved by providing you with knowledge that you need to eliminate symptoms of pain and discomfort if they surface again.

What does physical therapy entail?

A variety of machines, equipment, and exercises are used in order to help you achieve a full recovery, with focus on restoring your range of motion. For example, some of the most common stretches that are used are hamstring stretches and shoulder rolls. However, in order to be effective, stretches must be performed correctly. This is why a trained physical therapist is such an important part of your care.

Low impact aerobic exercises such as walking, cycling, and swimming can also be used as part of physical therapy. For some patients, especially those recovering from an injury, passive therapy techniques such as ice and heat may be utilized.

Another important aspect of physical therapy involves providing you with information that you need for maintenance. This usually means exercises and stretches that you can do at home and can fit into a busy schedule in order to maintain your recovery results. Your physical therapist will also help you to learn good posture and teach you how to listen to your body.



Physical therapy is often utilized to promote recovery from surgery, sports injuries, or accidents. It can also be used to help manage muscle and nerve disorders and back pain that radiates to your head, legs, hips, and more. This method of treatment may be recommended for back pain that lasts longer than a few weeks, or back pain that frequently resurfaces.

Often, physical therapy is used in conjunction with other approaches for back pain in order to provide maximum results—including medications, injections, spinal decompression, and light therapy.

To learn more about physical therapy and to see how it could help you avoid complications associated with surgery, contact us today.