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First performed by magnetic healer Daniel Palmer in 1895, chiropractic adjustments have since provided relief for many patients. More than 20 million Americans visit a chiropractor each year. While the majority of these visits are related to back pain, a chiropractor can also address pain from sports injuries, muscle strain, headaches, and nerve pressure. A patient’s medical history and overall health are taken into account when performing any of the following chiropractic services.

Spinal Adjustments

Spinal adjustments are often performed with hand manipulations targeting specific muscle groups affecting spinal movements. Controlled pressure is applied in a way that’s designed to relieve nerve pressure and minimize stress on vertebrae, spongy discs cushioning the spine, and spinal joints (facet joints). The purpose of chiropractic care for back pain relief is to restore function and prevent further injury to the spine and its supporting structures.

Massage Therapy

Soft tissue manipulation with chiropractic massage therapy may ease muscle stress and restore flexibility. A chiropractor will also apply pressure in a way that increases circulation and decreases inflammation. Doing so promotes healing and often speeds up the recovery process from muscle soreness, over-extensions, and joint irritation.

Heat and Cold Therapy

A chiropractor may soothe sore or inflamed muscles by applying heat or cold to affected areas for short periods of time. In some situations, heat and cold therapy may be alternated to relieve pain and decrease soreness. Heat wraps may also be used on legs and arms to improve circulation and promote tissue healing.


Exercise Routines

Your chiropractor may recommended therapeutic exercises to increase muscle strength, coordination, and range-of-motion. Certain movements may be performed with the guidance of a chiropractor. A patient may also be given instructions on how to safely continue with their normal fitness routine and recommendations for specific exercises to safely strengthen muscles between sessions.

Dietary Management

Ingredients and nutrients in food can affect how tissues and muscles respond to chiropractic manipulations. As part of a personalized treatment plan, a chiropractor may make dietary suggestions about what foods to incorporate into meals and which ones to avoid. Dietary supplements may also be recommended.

There’s extensive and reliable research detailing positive reports from patients who’ve received regular chiropractic care. Some patients also experience a reduction in stress that can also affect how pain is experienced. Chiropractic adjustments and related services are widely considered to be a safe and cost-effective option for patients looking to supplement existing treatments or minimize injury risks.