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Light and Heat Therapy for Back Pain

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Back pain, especially chronic back pain, can be among the most debilitating and life changing pain possible. It has the ability to affect the way that people live their lives and make things like working and walking more difficult. Many of the options to relieve back pain are only temporary, like pain medication, or are extreme, like certain forms of invasive back surgery.

What do these therapies do?

Fortunately, light therapy is a treatment that is not extreme like surgery and is longer lasting than pain medications. Light and heat therapy can be used in conjunction, and most forms of light therapy involve the use of a heated device. This device provides immediate relief while the light targets back muscles and tendons that often cause pain. The combination therapy gives fast acting relief.

Unlike surgery, there is no pain or recovery period following heat and light therapy. It’s also unlike the use of just heat therapy, like a heating pad you might use at home that only provides temporary relief. A professional is able to utilize the heat and light therapy during a quick office visit that offers considerable relief, and is much less expensive than high risk back surgery.

Light and heat therapy work by stimulating the back’s muscles and joints so that they can heal quickly. Increasing blood flow and stimulating the area helps the body heal itself naturally.

Why do I need to visit an office for light and heat therapy?

Light and heat therapies are so safe that many patients assume that they can get the same results at home. However, it is important to remember that only a medical professional will know exactly how to target areas for pain, how long the therapy should be utilized, and how many sessions are needed to see maximum results. A trained professional will also know when additional treatments might be useful, such as chiropractic care or spinal decompression therapy.

Light and heat therapy give you a chance to heal from your back pain without worrying about invasive or potentially dangerous surgery, and is often sought by individuals dealing with back pain. In addition to back pain, it is also used to relieve pain in the hips, knees, shoulder, ankle, and to relieve tension headaches.