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7 Common Chiropractor Myths: Busted!

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If you have been looking into chiropractic care, you may have heard one of the rumors or myths surrounding the profession. Because the chiropractic field is a type of alternative medicine, these types of myths are common. Here are the most popular myths, busted:

A chiropractor isn’t actually a real doctor.

Chiropractors must have a certain number of hours of post-graduate schooling before they are allowed to practice, just like doctors in more traditional fields. In fact, the hours that chiropractic students are required to take are often greater than the hours other medical students are required.

Chiropractic adjustments aren’t actually effective.

Adjustments made by chiropractors have been known to help the well-being of the patient. Various studies point towards the adjustments being effective. Adjustments even help the body to better heal itself over time.

I don’t need a chiropractor to crack my back. I can just do it myself.

There are many different physical therapy techniques that patients can do on their own, but none of these are measurable to the adjustments that chiropractors give. Self-adjustments can be dangerous and can lead to various medical problems, including arthritis.

Getting my spine adjusted is going to hurt.

Many people think that a spinal adjustment will cause them pain like many other medical procedures. Instead, most patients feel a sense of relief instead of pain.

Chiropractors do not practice any scientific studies.

Like any other medical profession, chiropractors are always performing studies and learning new ways to improve their techniques. There are various studies going on at all times to help chiropractors learn how to provide better spinal care to their patients. These studies are practiced with variables and controls, just like any other medical study would be performed to get the best results.

It will cost me a lot of money to visit a chiropractor.

A visit to the chiropractor is actually less expensive than a visit to your family physician. Committing to visits with a chiropractor could greatly reduce your visits to the physician and actually save you money. Some insurance companies have also begun covering the costs of chiropractic care.

I don’t have back pain, so I don’t need a chiropractor.

Chiropractors focus mainly on the neck and back, as well as preventative care, but they can also help patients that have issues in their joints and soft tissue.