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If you or a loved one is suffering from a sports injury, you know how debilitating it can be and how much it can affect everyday activities. Rather than deal with sports injuries silently, consider visiting a sports injury specialist in Orange County. At South County Spine Care Center, our sports injury professionals will seek to provide you with care that improves your entire quality of life and without subjecting you to invasive procedures that can only increase your recovery time.

Common Types of Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can come in many different forms and can be the result of nearly any sport, even non-contact sports. The most common types of sports injuries include tendinitis, back pain, pulled muscles, wrist and ankle sprains and shoulder injuries. While many of these injuries are not life threatening, they can be very uncomfortable and limit the range of motion in the area that the injury is located. Sports injuries can prevent you from participating in a sport as well as prevent you from performing everyday activities or working. Most sports injuries can be healed and corrected with non-invasive measures including heat therapy, physical therapy and simply resting the part of the body where the injury occurred. It is important, however, for patients suffering from a sports injury to follow an exact plan of care that often involves every measure recommended by their sports injury specialist in Orange County in order to receive total care.

Sports Injury Specialist in Orange County - South County Spine Care
Sports Injury Specialist in Orange County - South County Spine Care

What’s wrong with surgeries and other treatments?

There are some cases where surgical procedures and other more invasive methods are the best and only option to treat certain conditions and manage pain. At South County Spine Care, your sports injury specialist in Orange County will try to avoid these methods for a reason. Surgical procedures, especially back surgery, can cause more harm than good. In many cases, the back surgery that you have will not only fail to fix the problem you are experiencing, but it will cause you to experience new pain that you didn’t have before. This is referred to as failed back surgery, and it is a cause of chronic back pain.

In general, invasive pain relief methods can cause more side effects than minimally-invasive choices. They can also make for longer recovery times, which means it will take you longer to get back to your regular activities.

Which treatments are offered at South County Spine Care?

There are a number of minimally invasive treatments that your sports injury specialist in Orange County might suggest. One of them is chiropractic care, which is the act of manipulating your muscles to provide relief and straighten out your back. Other treatment methods include physical therapy, light and heat therapy, and more. Of course, if a more invasive procedure is more likely to be beneficial, like surgery, your doctor will recommend that instead. Our goal is not to avoid surgeries and other treatments altogether, but rather to find the best option for you and your overall health.