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If you are experiencing pain, especially pain in your back, it is worth it to look into seeing how physical therapy can help you. At our facility for physical therapy in Orange County, we strive to offer our patients methods for pain management that are non-invasive and don’t require extensive surgeries, long recovery times, or a dependence on medications with heavy side effects.

Physical therapy is one tool that is utilized by many patients suffering from various spinal injuries and spinal issues. Physical therapy is a way for patients to improve their spinal injuries while learning to live with the daily pain and increasing their tolerance for various everyday activities. For any injury, especially spinal ones, physical therapy is a very important part of the healing process.

Our program for physical therapy in Orange County allows patients to push their physical limits while in a safe, controlled environment and prepares them for living a more normal and everyday life no matter what the injuries they are suffering with. Physical therapy is also beneficial for spinal care because it helps patients deal with their pain, teaches them how to do things despite their injury and how to do certain exercises and activities that will improve quality of life and decrease the amount of pain that is felt on a daily basis.

What types of pain can physical therapy help with?

Physical therapy is used to treat many types of pain that patients may be suffering from. It can be used to help with everything from surgery recovery to sports injuries and various nerve and muscle disorders. There is a wide range of physical therapy activities that can help various problems. Physical therapists utilize different tools, machines and exercises that can help patients make a full recovery from whatever ailment they are using.


It is also used to help patients return to a normal way of living after accidents or sports injuries and can increase range of motion in the spine as well as extremities. It is important that a person wishing to make a full recovery utilizes the options for physical therapy in Orange County at South County Spine Care Center. It is also important that patients follow the full directions of their physical therapist for at home exercises and things to avoid while utilizing physical therapy.

What will my consultation entail?

The first step in visiting our center is scheduling a consultation. During this visit, you will meet with one of our doctors and discuss the pain or discomfort that you are experiencing. This might include testing and further diagnostics to help the doctor get a better idea of what you are experiencing and which method of treatment might work best. After you decide on a treatment approach, your doctor will give you realistic expectations of what it might be like after you receive treatment like physical therapy in Orange County.