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For pain management in Orange County, CA, consider scheduling an appointment at South County Spine Care Center. At our facility, we focus on relieving pain by treating the whole patient and pinpointing the source of your pain, rather than just trying to mask it with medications or causing you potential harm and side effects by turning to an invasive surgical procedure.

To see how we can help you with your pain, come in for a consultation. One of our Orange County pain specialists will talk with you about the cause and severity of your pain and try to determine how it began. After you have shared an accurate image of your pain and your medical history, your doctor will talk with you about your options for pain management, which might include spinal disc decompression, light therapy, or chiropractic care.

Spinal Disc Decompression

There is more than one type of spinal disc decompression. One type involves a minimally invasive outpatient procedure in which pressure is relieved from the nerve cord by removing the disc nucleus. Many patients feel relief from this type of procedure, which provides minimal complications. The recovery time is only a few days, which has you back to enjoying regular activities in no time at all.

Another type of spinal disc decompression involves the use of a special table, and it is popular at our center for pain management in Orange County, CA. The patient lies on the table while it moves along the spine. This creates a vacuum that suctions the gelatinous material from between discs, which removes pressure. Many patients compare the experience to a massage.


Light Therapy

Light therapy, also known as laser therapy, is used by many doctors specializing in spinal care. It is a way to quickly and efficiently relive neck and back pain. In fact, light therapy may help to manage over three hundred different conditions that can contribute to chronic pain in the back and neck. Since this type of pain can be especially debilitating, a method like light therapy can be extremely helpful.

During a light therapy procedure, a special device delivers a super pulsed laser, infrared light, and magnetic field over the spine. Among other things, this method improves circulation to the area, which can reduce pain.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a method of treatment that can achieve pain relief when it comes to a wide variety of conditions. Even injuries sustained from accidents can benefit from chiropractic care. This natural healing technique will allow your doctor to align your spine during a session. This adjustment can also provide pain relief for areas such as the hips and neck. Chiropractic care is effective because the nerves that are located in your spinal cord are relieved of excess pressure that can cause debilitating pain. Your doctor for pain management in Orange County, CA can help you determine if chiropractic care would be beneficial for you.