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Do you or a loved one suffer from back pain or neck pain? At South County Spine Care Center, an orthopedic Orange County facility, we understand that back and neck pain can make everyday activities painful and nearly impossible. Unlike other physicians who might be quick to suggest back surgeries, heavy pain medications, or other extremes, our professionals seek to find ways to relieve your back pain with minimal side effects. Our methods for pain relief include spinal disc decompression, light therapy, and chiropractic care. Our non-invasive methods for pain relief mean that you won’t be stuck missing even more work or dealing with long recovery times.

If you want to avoid extreme measure for dealing with your pain – or if you have already tried other methods and found that they did not work – consider contacting our office about scheduling a consultation.

What conditions do you treat?

At South County Spine Care Center, we can help you deal with any sort of back pain that you are experiencing. Since your spine is attached to so many joints, muscles, and nerves, determining the cause of your back pain can be challenging unless you experienced a fall, car accident, or sports injury that makes the source of the pain obvious.

Other causes of back pain can be related to a herniated disc or degenerative disc disease. Cancer pain, diabetic neuropathy, osteoarthritis, complex regional pain syndrome, and plenty of other conditions can also cause back pain. If your spine is curved, it can result in pain as well. If you are unsure of the cause of your back pain, you can talk with your doctor about your pain and other symptoms. In some cases, you may need to go through some diagnostic tests and procedures at our orthopedic Orange County facility in order to pinpoint the source of your pain.


What kind of treatments do you offer?

The pain management techniques we offer at South County Spine Care Center are designed to be non-invasive alternatives for managing pain. One of our most popular methods of pain management is the spinal disc decompression table. This table makes movements along the spine that create a vacuum to suction gelatinous material from between your discs. This relieves pressure from your discs and results in less pain over time. Many of our patients liken this experience to getting a relaxing massage.

We also offer light therapy at our orthopedic Orange County facility, which applies heat and infrared lighting to painful areas in order to increase blood flow and circulation. This results in less pain without any invasive procedures or heavy pain medications.