Orange County Pain Management

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Do you suffer from daily pain? If so, chances are you feel pain in your back, neck, or hips – a few of the most common areas that experience chronic pain. Whether your pain is a result of an injury or has gradually surfaced after aging and putting general wear and tear on your joints and spine, our Orange County pain management center can help you find relief that lasts a long time and does not require you to undergo an invasive procedure.
At South County Spine Care, our pain management techniques include light therapy, chiropractic care, spinal disc decompression, and more.Pain Management Orange County CA - Orange County Pain Management To find out if you can use these minimally invasive techniques to your advantage, simply call our office to schedule an initial appointment and consultation. One of our pain management doctors would be happy to talk with you about your pain, its cause and severity, and the rest of your medical history.


At our Orange County pain management facility, we handle pain experienced from a variety of different conditions. Since the spine is related to so many areas of the body, back pain can be caused by almost anything. You might be experiencing back pain due to an injury from sports or an accident, or suffering due to osteoarthritis. Back pain can also be caused by spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, pulled muscles, or pinched nerves. Pain in your back from cancer or as a side effect from cancer treatment is also not uncommon. Regardless of the type of pain you are experiencing, we encourage you to come to South County Spine Care for a consultation. Even if you are unsure of what is causing your back pain, we will be able to help you pinpoint the issue. Additionally, our pain management is not limited to just back pain.

Light Therapy

Orange County Pain Management South County Spine Care 2 300x199 - Orange County Pain ManagementOne of the methods of pain relief at our Orange County pain management center is light therapy. Light therapy uses heat and infrared light techniques to relieve pain by circulating blood flow. This method is especially useful for muscle pains and is also used for tension headaches, frozen shoulders, sciatica, hip pain, strains in the lower back, and more. Light therapy is a popular method of pain relief because it is naturally and non-invasive, which means there is no need for a surgical wound and no time spent away from work. Instead, the results of the light therapy will have you back at work or enjoying other activities shortly. There are also no pain medications or drugs that you have to take.