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Non-Invasive Back Surgery

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At South County Spine Care Center in Orange County, we offer our patients a wide variety of treatments that are minimally invasive, including chiropractic care and spinal decompression therapy. For some back pain, or pain in other areas of the body that are a result of a back condition, a surgical intervention is necessary. Contact our office to schedule a consultation and find out whether non-invasive back surgery treatment could work for you.

What’s wrong with invasive back surgery?

Invasive back surgery is sometimes necessary, but it’s never easy. The procedure involves cutting through a lot of tissue and muscle, which means that you feel pain for longer. This longer recovery time translates to more missed work and other regular daily activities. Sometimes, invasive back surgery can be ineffective, which means that you’ve endured a major surgery with nothing to show for it. It can also introduce new back pain that you didn’t have before – a condition called failed back surgery.


What conditions can be helped by non-invasive back surgery?

Fortunately, technology has progressed to the point where many previously invasive procedures could be accomplished through non-invasive back surgery methods. Nearly any type of back surgery can be performed with small incisions, rather than large incisions that can increase the risk of infections.

The most common conditions that are treated with non-invasive methods include bulging or herniated discs, decompression of the spine, and fusion of the vertebrae. Fractures of the spine can also be handled with non-invasive methods. Unfortunately, conditions such as severe scoliosis and tumors of the spine are among conditions that still require traditional methods.

Be sure to talk to one of our back pain doctors at South County Spine Care Center in order to find out if non-invasive back surgery is right for you.

Am I a candidate for non-invasive back surgery?

Only your spine care doctor can determine whether or not you are a candidate for non-invasive back surgery. There are many different types of treatment methods that are successful for a wide variety of spinal issues. However, for some conditions, a more invasive type of surgical procedure will be more effective for you. At your consultation at South County Spine Care Center, your doctor will share with you your treatment options, along with the risks and benefits associated with each. However, in general, there are many types of back issues that are successfully managed with non-invasive methods for many patients, including herniated discs. Contact our office today to get started with finding the best treatment option for you.