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Minimally Invasive Back Pain Treatment

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If you suffer from back pain, the condition might be causing you to have a hard time completing daily activities, such as exercising or even working. Although there are a lot of options for back pain treatment, many of them involve invasive methods, such as surgery, that can make the condition worse and leave you with more pain than you were experiencing before. For more information about minimally invasive back pain treatment, contact South County Spine Care.

We offer several different methods for minimally invasive back pain treatment, including:

  • Chiropractic care – Your chiropractor can manually align your spine, which reduces pain and promotes healing.
  • Heat and light therapy – An infared light or laser can be used to improve circulation in an area that is experiencing pain.
  • Spinal decompression – Our specialized table allows you to relax while it moves along your spine, creating a vacuum that removes pressure from your spinal discs.

Why is minimally invasive back pain treatment better than invasive?

If you are experiencing back pain, there are several different treatment options available to you that are invasive or minimally invasive. Our focus on minimally invasive methods at South County Spine Care Center is for a good reason.

Invasive treatment methods, like back surgery, require a lot of preparation and tend to be more painful and more expensive than the alternatives. After the surgery, you are left unable to carry on with your regular activities for several weeks while you wait for your body to heal. Even worse, not all back surgeries are effective. In fact, some patients are left with the same amount of pain as before, or even pain in new areas.

In contrast, minimally invasive methods are not uncomfortable and allow you to get back to regular activities right away. And since the treatment is relatively simple, you aren’t risking facing an invasive procedure with no relief in sight.