Back Pain Orange County

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Back pain can be extremely frustrating – it can be caused by any number of injuries or conditions, and can vary in intensity so drastically that one day you might feel mild irritation, and be unable to walk comfortably the next. Since so much of your daily activities rely on your back to be able to function smoothly, chronic pain can really affect your daily life.

For back pain in Orange County, you don’t need to look any further than South County Spine Care Center. At our facility, we make sure that you receive total comprehensive care that does not require you to undergo invasive methods that can cause more harm than good. Instead, our techniques are effective and minimally invasive, so you can get back on your feet sooner. Some of our methods for reliving back pain are spinal decompression, light therapy, and

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chiropractic care.

Common Causes of Back PainBack Pain Orange County South County Spine Care 300x199 - Back Pain Orange CountyPain anywhere in your back can range from slightly irritating to complete debilitating. Some of this back pain is caused by degeneration and general wear and tear that happens as we age. The cartilage between the vertebrae, slowly wear out, causing friction and pain in some areas. Other common causes of back pain include spinal deformities or herniated discs. Additionally, some common daily activities can result in back pain, especially if you don’t bend, lift, or stretch properly. If you are unsure about the cause of your back pain, talking with one of our specialists for back pain in Orange County can help you pinpoint the problem.

Pain Management Options

Back Pain Orange County South County Spine Care 2 300x199 - Back Pain Orange CountyThere are several different options for relieving back pain. One option is spinal disc decompression, which is a safe and easy to way to relieve pain in the neck and beck – especially pain that is due to bulging or herniated discs. Since disc decompression is done on an outpatient basis, it avoids the use of long hospital stays. Surgical disc decompression involves the doctor removing the disc nucleus, which takes pressure off of the nerve root. This type of procedure helps patients find relief from neck and back problems, with a very low possibility of side effects and a recovery rate of only a few days. Another method of disc decompression involves a specialized table. Many patients liken this experience to a massage – the moving table applies varied amounts of pressure up and down your spine to create a vacuum that relieves pressure in your discs. Spending regular scheduled times on this table can greatly reduce back pain.