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I had been experiencing some back pain and thought I would check out chiropractic. I still have some problems but I always leave your office feeling much better.

The staff is warm, friendly and helpful. Since I've been coming, I feel stronger, I sleep better and am more relaxed.

I don't expect a cure-all, especially at my age, but I have seen significant improvement and I expect to see more as time goes by.
I also want to thank you for not turning me away due to my limited resources. It is greatly appreciated.

Jeff. R, Business Manager, Mission Viejo, CA,
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Dr. Jeff, It means a lot to have a doctor who is as gifted and as caring as you are.
Everyone just makes you feel so welcome and the care is excellent. Again, we thank you so much for helping Jack.

You are putting him back to normal.

Siliva K., House wife, Anaheim Hills, CA,
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During last 6 months, I had been having chronic, daily back and neck pain I could hardly move it. I started searching on the web and find Dr. Jeff office in Irvine.

I was extremely frustrated and hopeless, not only because I was taking pain-killers daily, but also my life was miserable.

After my first visit, I started feeling relief. I came to Dr. Jeff only three more times and I started walking normal again.

Thank you so much, Dr. Jeff.

Annie K., Attorney, Tustin Ranch, CA,