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I was an elementary school teacher for more than twenty years when I got seriously hurt on the job.

I developed a condition called RSD or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. This condition causes constant severe pain.

To try and cope with the pain over the years, I have had to endure more than twenty surgeries, (including a bone graft), epidurals, trigger point injections and a spinal cord stimulator implant.

I was also put on four different medications every day to try and alleviate some of the pain. They were Oxycontin; Lyrica, Combunex and Naprasin.

Just before Christmas last year, I found myself at a very low point; I was extremely depressed and wanted to give up. I had been told that I needed back surgery due to a herniated disk in my low back, which probably happened due to over compensating when walking. At that time, I didn't think I could face any more surgery.

I talked to my pain specialist and told him that I had heard about Spinal decompression and I thought I would like to try that first. He sent me to Dr. Shad who told me that I was probably one of the most complicated cases he had seen.

It would take a few more treatments than the average patient before I would see some relief. After the first treatment, I felt a little emotional because for the first time in many years I actually felt HOPE.

Hope that maybe, just maybe I could live almost pain free and have a life again. Thanks to you Dr. Shad I feel I am going to get there.

In fact because of Decompression Therapy- I have stopped taking all of that pain medication and I am getting my life back.

Thank you again,

Winnie Barkley, Huntington Beach, CA,
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Dear Dr Shad,

I want to thank you for the Vertebral Axial Decompression Therapy that you are presenting to your patients.

I have tried surgery, chiropractic therapy, acupuncture, they did they did not work for my herniated discs. It got aggravated throughout time.

One day someone told me about the DRX9000c treatment and I found Dr. Shad who is offering this type of treatment; on my first treatment I felt some relief on the pressure that the spinal herniated disc was causing on the sciatica nerve.

Today is my 20th day of treatment. Now I can say that I can go back to my normal activities such as work, walking, shopping, etc.

My normal life is back. I want to thank you Dr Shad for the excellent care that you gave to me to walk through the whole treatment. You really care for my prompt recuperation.

Thanks again.

Estella Loc,
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I started going to Dr. Jeff for pain in my lower back and neck. Dr. Jeff was very thorough, sympathetic and caring. During my last pregnancy I experienced severe back pain and was very sore and stiff.

Having to care for and carry my two-year-old toddler was both very difficult and painful. Seeing Dr. Jeff regularly helped me feel much better and also made my delivery much easier. I truly believe that seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis is an important aspect of ones health care.

Jennifer. D, Insurance Agent, Irvine, CA,
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I came to see Dr. Jeff as a result of a car accident. I was so stiff, sore and scared. He took the time and explained everything to me. He made me feel very comfortable.

Dr. Jeff is very knowledgeable and efficient. He exhibits a genuine caring concern for his patients.

Allen. M, Real Estate Broker, Costa Mesa, CA,